Maysan Mando, founded in 1969 as Turkey’s first shock absorber manufacturer, has evolved into a key player in the automotive industry. After joining Çukurova Group in 1976 and forming a partnership with South Korea’s Mando Corporation in 1997, the company expanded its capabilities and customer base significantly. Specializing in shock absorbers for a wide range of vehicles including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, trucks, railways, and military applications, Maysan Mando supplies major international OEMs such as Renault-Nissan, Hyundai, and Daimler AG. With a focus on quality, innovation, and environmental responsibility, the company has achieved ISO certifications and industry accolades, including Ford’s Q1 and EFQM’s Success Award. In 2019, Maysan Mando relocated to a new eco-friendly facility in Bursa, equipped with advanced production technologies. Continuously growing and recognized for excellence, Maysan Mando remains committed to global expansion and leadership in automotive components.

Vision: Maysan Mando aims to lead as a globally recognized brand, manufacturer, and partner in the field of shock absorbers, ensuring safe and comfortable driving worldwide.

Mission: Maysan Mando is dedicated to achieving continuous growth and collaboration with partners by:

  • Developing innovative shock absorber solutions
  • Upholding the highest quality standards while maintaining cost efficiency
  • Offering competitive prices with positive financial outcomes
  • Prioritizing environmental sustainability in production and design
  • Ensuring utmost satisfaction for customers and employees alike